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Catherine Miller, Ollie Sheldrick, Alex Lemon

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Thanks to years of work, we can track what percentage of UK residents are online and how many of them have all five basic digital skills. But to date there’s been little research done around how people feel about the digital technologies in their lives.

What do people think about the internet? How do they feel about using digital technology? What role do they think tech plays in shaping our society? In order to find out, Doteveryone is launching a national survey of public attitudes towards technology. 

  • We’re conducting a nationally representative quantitative and qualitative survey with a robust sampling method
  • We’re challenging the assumption that high levels of internet usage mean people have no concerns – and specifically unpicking where people are using services despite reservations
  • We’re assessing whether people have sufficient understanding of their digital world to be engaged and active citizens
  • We’re mapping our findings across other research in this area, particularly the Oxford Internet Survey and Ofcom’s Consumer Indices
  • We’re using the survey’s findings to develop a benchmark on these issues which can be returned to annually