Want to make more ethical tech choices? Check Your Tech

Check your tech is a proof of concept by Doteveryone. All examples are indicative only.

Click here to try out the prototype. Please note: some of the categories aren’t yet clickable.

How we got here

1. Discover

‘Convenience, sadly.’

‘Often it’s because they [tech companies] have an entrenched position which means taking a stand could make professional life exceptionally difficult.’

‘I am not always aware of the ‘bad’ reputations about those companies.’

‘I think it would encourage people to realise that there is such a thing as untrustworthy tech. It’s amazing how much power tech companies have which is unchecked.’

Yes, but only if I were confident it was a neutral source of information.’

‘There’s no transparency in digital services and it would be great to fully understand the implications of use.’

Horizon scan

Project research wall at Doteveryone

2. Define

3. Develop

Paper prototyping

We developed a series of prototyping cards and scenarios to test out some different design choices.

Prototyping cards

Sketch from a prototyping session

Prototyping cards

4. Deliver

What else we learned

“I’ve been punched in the face by an Uber driver but I still use it because it’s the easiest.”

“I don’t care where it comes from as long as I get the music I want.”

“I’ve never looked into Fairtrade certification because I trust it.”

What’s next?