Practical resources to innovate responsibly

TECHTRANSFORMED is a set of practical resources to help organisations turn big dilemmas to hands-on decisions.  They’re quick to get started and easy to understand so you can stop talking about tech ethics and start changing how technology is made.

TECHTRANSFORMED draws upon Doteveryone’s groundbreaking research into technology’s impacts on society and extensive testing within business, to help you build technology in a way that’s bold, fast AND responsible.

TECHTRANSFORMED is a must-have for business

  • Stay ahead by spotting the potential negative impacts of your technology and addressing them before they become a risk to your business.
  • Build trust in your products. In Doteveryone’s research, 50% of the public say the internet’s made life a lot better for them individually but only 12% say it’s had a very positive impact on society overall. 
  • Attract and retain top talent. We found 28% of UK tech workers have seen product decisions that could lead to negative consequences – 18% of them went on to leave their company as a result. 
  • Meet growing demand for technology that makes a positive difference.  76% of the public say it’s important to them what values a company holds.  

In May 2020, The Open Data Institute took over TECHTRANSFORMED. To get involved and find out more visit or contact the Open Data Institute via [email protected]