We’re growing our team. Join us!


Doteveryone’s a small organisation with a big mission — we champion responsible technology for a fairer future.

We do this by researching the impact of technology, designing and prototyping what responsible technology could look like, and building communities to improve the way technology shapes our world.

And we’re looking for a new Director of Research and Engagement and a Researcher to help us.

Director of Research and Engagement

Job opening: Director of Research and Engagement at Doteveryone

As Director of Research and Engagement you’ll be playing a key role in leading our work uncovering and solving how technology is changing society. The role involves designing and delivering research projects, building effective partnerships that create change, and communicating insight in an engaging way to expert and non-expert audiences.

You’ll need to be able to:

  • Deliver a portfolio of projects that explore how technology is changing society and identify ways to make the most of new opportunities, reduce inequalities and mitigate injustices caused by technology
  • Communicate our work and ideas to broad audiences
  • Engage with partner organisations to bring in funding, identify new opportunities, deliver work with others, and reach new audiences
  • Help to lead the organisation as part of the senior leadership team, managing staff, setting strategy and supporting fundraising.

We’re based in central London and we’re looking for someone to work 4–5 days a week and are happy to discuss flexible working patterns. There will be occasional travel to events and meetings outside office hours.

This is a permanent role, with a salary of between £60–75,000 per annum.


Job opening: Researcher at Doteveryone

We’re also are looking for a self-starting, pragmatic and versatile researcher to report to the Director of Research and Engagement and support the delivery of projects examining the impact technology has on the public and exploring how to make responsible technology.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Conducting research using a variety of quantitative and qualitative techniques
  • Reviewing and critiquing research done by external agencies and consultants
  • Writing blog posts, research reports, briefings in an engaging and accessible way to reach a wide range of audiences
  • Horizon-scanning the relevant research and project landscape, maintaining and growing Doteveryone’s subject experience and communicating relevant information back to the rest of the team
  • Building relationships within the research and technology landscape we operate in.

This role is a 1-year, fixed-term contract with a salary of between £24–32,000 per annum, depending upon experience.

What’s Doteveryone like?

We’re a small team of around a dozen people that come from a variety of backgrounds — design, research, policy and technology.

We work at speed, testing our ideas as we go. We’re friendly, hardworking and supportive and always open to new ideas.

Take a look at our team to find out who you’d be working with and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to talk through either of these roles — [email protected]

We’re really looking forward to welcoming new members to our team. Come and join us!

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