Stepping into the world of responsible tech

Joe Massey

Hello! I’m Joe, and Monday was my first day as a Research and Engagement Intern at Doteveryone. I’m starting just 10 days after flying back from spending two years in Copenhagen where I was studying for a Masters in Global Development at the University of Copenhagen. And now I’m taking my first steps into the world of research and responsible technology. 

My undergraduate degree is in Economics but I shifted my focus to Global Development after becoming disillusioned with the inequity of the world, specifically between the Global North and South. My Master’s thesis, which looked into the impact the heavily western, white and male editor base of Wikipedia has on the contents and coverage, speaks to my interest in the relationship between technology and society and working at Doteveryone to explore this further. 

By a weird coincidence, the day after I accepted the offer to work with Doteveryone, I was able to meet my future line-manager, Jacob, in Copenhagen, as he was talking at the Techfestival. This, I presume, only added to what sounded like a curious trip which also included Doppelgangers and disco balls. Chatting to Jacob immediately made me feel welcome in the organisation. He explained some of the tasks and projects I would be involved with, and help to paint a picture of the Doteveryone culture. I wanted to get started there and then! 

My first day in the office continued on the same welcoming theme with cheesecake to celebrate Noor’s month-versary and lunch with Hannah to introduce me to the communication and engagement work we’ll be doing together. Food seems to be very important to the Doteveryone team. I’ve already been asked my favourite cake (apparently chocolate is too boring) and for a suggestion for a theme for the monthly team lunch (unfortunately my first suggestion of Middle Eastern has already been chosen for November).

I’m really looking forward to getting involved with a selection of interesting projects such as the Legal Access Challenge Fund, and Society in the Loop, alongside helping to make their ideas travel. Despite research being an integral part of my Masters, I became frustrated at how some of the amazing insights were getting lost in their journey to the public sphere. Doteveryone is not only an organisation which matches my interests, but also produces and presents research in a way which I feel is most beneficial and accessible. 

I’m eager to dive into a dynamic research environment, and to work with a diverse and hugely talented team at Doteveryone. I’m excited for the opportunity to be at the front line of the responsible technology sector, and work on policy recommendations to create a stronger and more cohesive society in the future.

I look forward to updating on how things are going soon!