Understanding the landscape for digital redress: Announcing our call for evidence

Call for Evidence

Last month we were delighted to learn that we’d made the final of the Legal Access Challenge.  

Alongside seven other finalists, we’ll be coming up with innovative solutions to help individuals and SMEs better understand and resolve their legal problems.

And for our entry we’ll be designing a new one-stop-shop for the public to understand their digital rights, and seek redress when online services fail to respect them. 

But before we can bring our vision to life, we need some help to better understand how we can reach the people who most need this support, the barriers they’re already facing in accessing systems of redress online and how our product can work in the context of people’s busy lives.  

Which is why we’re announcing an open call for evidence. 

We’d like to speak to consumer advocates, Alternative Dispute Resolution  providers, digital rights champions, legal experts, online services, members of the public and anyone else who can help us to understand the current landscape for digital rights and redress in the UK and answer the following questions:

  1. What are the main sources of harm experienced by users of online services? How aware are these users that they’ve experienced harm? 
  2. What services and organisations – online and offline – do people currently turn to when they have a problem with using online services? What are the strengths and weaknesses of these initiatives? 
  3. How can we expand access to redress online to those who currently struggle to access it?
  4. What design features are proven to improve accessibility and engagement with online systems of redress and ADR? 
  5. How can online companies, civil society organisations and redress providers work together to improve standards of complaints processes for online services?

To answer our open-call please get in touch with [email protected]. We are happy to receive responses to the consultation questions via email, or find a time for a call or coffee if that works better for you!

We’ll be bringing together our insights into a landscape review, which we will publish and share with contributors in late November.