Join us for the launch of People, Power and Technology: The 2020 Digital Attitudes Report 

Virtual event with Doteveryone and BritainThinks

Tuesday 12 May, 2.00-2.45 (BST) 

Doteveryone and insight and strategy consultancy, BritainThinks, are excited to announce the launch of People, Power and Technology: The 2020 Digital Attitudes Report. 

Join us to hear the findings from this in-depth research into the public’s attitudes and experiences online and to discuss our recommendations to policy and industry to ensure that, even as we live through unprecedented times, we are shaping a fairer future where technology works for more people, more of the time.



  • Introduction from BritainThinks
  • Summary of research findings from Catherine Miller, Interim CEO, Doteveryone. 
  • Response from Tabitha Goldstaub, Chair of AI Council and co-founder of CogX and Roger Taylor, Chair, Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation. 
  • Audience Q&A. 

Doteveryone is the responsible technology think tank that’s fighting for better tech for everyone.  Based on our groundbreaking 2018 research, we commissioned BritainThinks to run a nationally representative survey and focus groups to benchmark the public’s appetite, understanding and tolerance towards the impacts of tech on their lives. 

The research took place during an unprecedented societal shift in the way we live our lives and our relationship with technology. 

On Tuesday 12 May, we would like to welcome you all to join us in this virtual event where we will discuss:

  • Why there continues to be a gap between the benefits people feel from technology in their lives as individuals and the impact it has on society. 
  • How the public’s digital understanding has changed since 2018 and the implications. 
  • Public’s concerns about online harms and their experience of trying to hold tech companies to account when things go wrong. 
  • A discussion on the practicalities and implications of running public attitudes research during a global pandemic.

Registration is via Eventbrite. We will send details on how to join nearer the time. 

This event will be recorded. If you have any immediate questions, please reach out: [email protected]

A note on Zoom: 

Unlike previously advertised, BritainThinks will be hosting this event using Zoom. Upon reviewing our available options, we have chosen to use Zoom for its ability to support a large audience and more than one panelist. Attendees will not need to download the Zoom app in order to join.

We are aware of recent media criticism for issues related to Zoom’s privacy and security. And we share wider frustration at the dearth of available options for video conferencing platforms that provide both acceptable user experience whilst also meeting privacy policies standards.

Along with organisations, we encourage Zoom and other conferencing providers to realise their responsibility to user privacy, particularly given our enforced dependency on such services during a global pandemic and in enforced isolation.

The Ada Lovelace Institute has shared a neat summary of the privacy concerns to be aware of with Zoom as well as advice for maximising your privacy and safety whilst using Zoom (or any video conferencing platform for that matter). These are:

  • Use Zoom in the web browser instead of downloading the desktop or mobile app (although please be aware that some features are not available in the web browser).
  • Open the browser version on a separate incognito/private browser window. 
  • Be aware written chat logs are stored on Zoom’s servers, so you may wish to avoid sharing private information in written chat. 
  • For advanced users, you may wish to run Zoom on a virtual machine or an operating system on a USB