Five years fighting for better tech, for everyone.

On 28 May 2020, Doteveryone announced that we would be ending our work after five years of fighting for better tech, for everyone. Since its inception, Doteveryone’s role has been to provoke change in how tech is made and used and to drive others to deliver that. Having set the responsible technology debate in motion we have decided the time has come to stop.

In her 2015 Dimbleby Lecture Martha Lane Fox imagined an organisation called Doteveryone that would put the public at the heart of the conversation around technology and help navigate the new challenges that technological change poses for society.

From that vision Doteveryone has grown to be the go-to voice for responsible technology, demonstrating the need to change how tech is made and used so that it works in the best interests of people, communities and the planet.  We’ve published groundbreaking research into the public’s attitudes and understanding, shown policymakers how to regulate for responsible technology, demonstrated the impact tech has in social care and the gig economy and created practical tools that are helping people innovate responsibly across the world.

The Ada Lovelace Institute will ensure that Doteveryone’s portfolio of research remains in the public realm, while the Open Data Institute will take on our TechTransformed resources for innovating responsibly.

Our report, Five years fighting for better tech for everyone, provides an overview of everything Doteveryone has achieved and includes a timeline of the last five years with links to all our projects. 

The Ada Lovelace Institute now maintains this site to ensure Doteveryone’s work remains in the public realm.

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