Get the information you want from social media

Most social media sites like to promote the things they think you’ll be most interested in so that you’ll spend more time using their services. This means they filter the posts which appear in your social media feed based on what you – and the people you’re connected to – have clicked or commented on in the past. But doing this creates a ‘filter bubble’ – you see more and more stuff that you and your friends already agree with and don’t get to see information from other points of view or about things you didn’t know about. You’re not getting a clear picture. If you switch off the filter, you will see things in the order they were posted and are more likely to get access to a range of different news and information.

You can burst your filter bubble by turning on chronological timelines in social media where possible and turning off notifications about news you don’t need to see urgently. Groovypost show you how to view Facebook and Twitter in chronological order.


By default, Facebook shows you the “Top Posts.” To see everything in chronological order,  just click the little dots next to News Feed and choose Most Recent.


Twitter also shows “Top Posts” first. To view things in chronological order, click your profile pic then choose  Settings and privacy.

Go down to the Content section and uncheck Show me the best Tweets first. Then click Save changes.

More about the Better Internetter campaign

Doteveryone’s recent People, Power and Technology report explores how the nation thinks and feels about internet technologies. It reveals five digital blindspots – areas in which people have a poor understanding of the fundamentals of how technology operates.

Be a Better Internetter is part of the action we’re taking to help people take more care of their digital lives, to understand how technology works and how it shapes the world around them.

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