Check your privacy settings

It’s worth checking the privacy settings on the apps and websites you use most so you’re not sharing more than you’re happy with. Stay Safe Online has useful links to the privacy pages for most of the main apps and websites.

SurfShark has a useful guide to VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), which includes information on how VPNs help keep your data safe and protect your privacy. TechRadar has list of the best AntiVirus software for 2020.

What am I sharing and who with?

When you use websites, apps and social media you create a trail of information about yourself, what you’re interested in and who you are connected to. Once this information is shared online it can be used to target information or advertising to you and is sometimes also sold onto or used by other companies. Your privacy settings control how companies can use your information and also which friends you share information with on social media.

More about the Better Internetter campaign

Doteveryone’s recent People, Power and Technology report explores how the nation thinks and feels about internet technologies. It reveals five digital blindspots – areas in which people have a poor understanding of the fundamentals of how technology operates.

Be a Better Internetter is part of the action we’re taking to help people take more care of their digital lives, to understand how technology works and how it shapes the world around them.