The internet has had a massive impact on our libraries. In the past decade, overall library usage has gone down by 30%. As a result, hundreds of libraries across Britain have closed and a quarter of all library staff have lost their jobs. And at the same time, we have access to more information than ever — but no good way to tell the good from the bad.

Doteveryone believes we need neutral, non-commercial, community spaces for discovery, learning and existing in the digital age. We also believe libraries are a vital public institution and provide social infrastructure that’s worth saving.

So in 2016 and 2017, we explored how libraries could be part of building a better, fairer internet for us all.

  • We conducted user research and led a four-week discovery project for the Libraries Taskforce to help them identify and communicate their future priorities.
  • We prototyped a virtual community hub for libraries
  • We created a series of ready-to-use assets for libraries, including posters and a map of ways to offer open and secure tech.
  • We published a list of recommendations for ways libraries could help curate and organise the information on the internet.

We’ve published a write-up of our work on libraries here.

On the team:

Cassie Robinson