Industry attitudes to responsible technology

People, Power and Technology: The Tech Workers’ View is the first in-depth research into the attitudes of the people who design and build digital technologies in the UK. It shows that workers are calling for an end to the era of moving fast and breaking things.

In 2018, Doteveryone’s People, Power and Technology research found the public is concerned about the impacts of technology on society.  But what about the people who make technology? Do they worry about the consequences of their products and services? And what would help them to make technology responsibly?  

Between 12-15 March, Ipsos Mori, on behalf of Doteveryone, ran a survey with over 1,000 technology professionals to understand their thoughts and feelings on the future of their industry.

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All the data used in the report has been published under Creative Commons license and is available to download from:

This research is possible with thanks to support from DCMS, Innovate UK and BSI.