A one-day event with Doteveryone and experts in technology, policy, data and ethics filled with inspirational and practical ideas to embed responsible technology into day-to-day practice, catalyse change across the technology industry, and make responsible technology the new normal.

Event highlights 👇

  • “Responsible Tech in Practice” – 40 delegates joined Doteveryone’s Responsible Technology Programme Lead, Sam Brown, for the premiere of our new Agile event designed to help organisations to reflect on the impact, and consider the potential consequences, of the tech they build.
  • 3-minute “Lightning Talks” ⚡ The chance for delegates to share the work they’re doing to support the responsible tech agenda or ask for support to make something happen.
  • Head-to-head 🥊 x2 lively debates on the dilemmas of responsible tech chaired by Doteveryone’s Lydia Nicholas, digital anthropologist, and stand-up comedian.

Drinks reception and AI showcase with Digital Catapult the UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre. Here you’ll also have the opportunity to be among the first to experience the new Future Networks Lab. 🔬

Recordings of all the day’s talks are now available here

What is Responsible Technology? 

Responsible Technology promotes a fair, inclusive and thriving democratic society. It considers the context of the individual and of the public as a whole, the potential harmful consequence and safeguards against them, and is founded on fair and transparent contributions between people and technology. 

At Doteveryone, we’ve spent the past year researching the issues organisations face when trying to embed responsible technology practices in practical and tangible ways.

From this we’ve developed an approach that will help guide organisations to assess the level of responsibility of their technology products or services as they develop them.

Martha Lane Fox on what needs to change to make Responsible Tech the new normal 


Event Speakers:

Full speaker biographies available here.

Martha Lane Fox
Founder and Chair, Doteveryone
Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon
Co-founder, STEMettes
Jeremy Wright
DCMS Secretary of State
Check Warner
CEO Diversity VC
Sarah Drinkwater
Director at the Tech and Society Solutions Lab, Omidyar Network
Mark Martin
Co-Founder, UKBlackTech
Julie Dawson
Director of Regulatory & Policy, Yoti
Rachel Coldicutt
CEO, Doteveryone
Rashida Richardson
Director of Policy Research, AI Now Institute
Véronique Lallier
Global VP Marketing, Hi-Rez Studios
Hayden Wood
CEO, Bulb
Anab Jain
Co-founder & Director Superflux
Francesca Bria
Chief Technology and digital innovation Officer, Barcelona City
Liz Williams
Director of Digital Society, BT Group
Alastair Parvin
Co-Founder, WikiHouse
Jeremy Silver
CEO, Digital Catapult
Stephanie Hare
Researcher and broadcaster
Tabitha Goldstaub
Co-founder, CognitionX
Rob McCargow
Director of Artificial Intelligence, PWC
Asesh Sarkar
Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Salary Finance
Ella Fitzsimmons
Head of Narrative Strategy, Projects by IF
Kriti Sharma
VP of Artificial intelligence, Sage
Jay Owens
Jay Owens, Research Director, Pulsar Platform
Mat Morrison
Head Of Strategy, Digital Whiskey
Azeem Azhar
Entrepreneur, investor and editor of exponential view
Sam Brown
Responsible Tech Programme Manager, Doteveryone
Lydia Nicholas
Programme Manager, Better Care, Doteveryone
Louise Marston
Managing Director, Doteveryone
Catherine Miller
Director of Policy, Doteveryone

Responsible Tech 2019 was designed to help attendees:

  • Understand what responsible tech is and why we need it to respond to the problems with tech today
  • Articulate the potential benefits of responsible tech for business and for society
  • Discover solutions to the current challenges of putting responsible principles into practice
  • Learn how to make responsible technology part of the operations of a growing and thriving organisation
  • Catalyse change in leadership, policy and investment to make responsible technology the new normal.

Our event Accessibility Fund:

We wanted to ensure that Responsible Tech 2019 was accessible and bought together diverse and underrepresented voices in order to make responsible technology the new normal.

Our aim was to make the event a welcoming, safe and productive space for everyone regardless of age, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, ethnicity, nationality, race, religion (or lack thereof), education, or socio-economic status.

Therefore, we put aside part of our event budget, supported by our generous sponsors, Bulb, to support those who might otherwise face barriers in attending.

Support was allocated on the basis of the following:

  • The support will help to ensure there are diverse voices in the room
  • The potential benefit, to the individual attending, the organisation they represent and/or the field of Responsible Tech more widely, of attending. (Based on the content of written responses in the application forms).

This was Doteveryone’s first ticketed event, and the first time we’ve put in place a fund of this kind. If you have any thoughts, comments or advice on the process then please get in touch via [email protected] so we can improve it for next time.

Event sponsors

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