Exploring ways to help consumers make more ethical tech choices.

Convenience, design and brand will always be driving factors behind how most of us decide which digital products and services to use. There’s no way that digital-first food delivery services, dating apps or music streaming could have shifted millions of people’s habits if they hadn’t been so intuitively designed and well promoted.

But today there’s a fourth contender on people’s minds — responsible technology.

Stories of poor working conditions, slippery policies and controversial politics in the tech world are prompting people to start asking questions like:

  • Which food delivery service treats their drivers/riders best?
  • Which music streaming service gives artists the fairest royalties?
  • Which smartphone has the most ethical supply chain?
  • Which dating apps have good personal data protection policies?

It’s not easy to answer questions like these (or to debunk fact from a flakey article your mate saw on their Facebook feed). So to help make things simpler, the team at Doteveryone has created a lightweight prototype to explore how consumers could weigh up the values-based ethical trade-offs between digital products and services.

On the team:

Cassie Robinson