Helping the public shape the impacts of tech

We’re exploring how it’s possible to meaningfully involve people in directing the impacts of technology on their lives and society.

Engaging the Public in Responsible Technology, published October 2019, explores what it would take for people to be both engaged and empowered in shaping their experience with technology and includes three principles and four requirements for public engagement in the digital age.

It also argues that the public should not be expected to shoulder the burden to tackle challenges – from tech elsewhere – alone. It also requires action from government and industry to ensure the public have support as they navigate a tech-enabled world.

Alongside ongoing work to develop a one-stop-shop for digital redress, we are exploring new programmes of work that will help achieve the recommendations set out in this report.  If you would like to be involved please contact [email protected].

Previous work: Increasing public engagement with health research

In the summer of 2018, in partnership with Snook, we worked with the Wellcome Trust’s Public Engagement team, who had newly launched their strategy for public engagement, to explore different ways they could deliver on their strategic aims. This culminated in the development of two prototypes, Charity as a Platform and a Citizen Research Centre.