Data, skills and culture for a better care system

We believe that technology cannot replace care, but used well it could support radical social and structural change, taking us towards a future care system that is sustainable, fair and effective.

Doteveryone has done extensive research with people who receive care and their families, care professionals, clinicians, policymakers, start-ups and providers to understand the current impact of technology in the social care system and its potential to shape the future. 

The outcomes are published in Better Care in the Age of Automation.

The report finds that the data collected within social care has critical gaps and often goes unused, people need skilled help and flexibility for technology to work for them, and a culture of suspicion and fear inhibits people from taking advantage of new innovations.

We also commissioned leading data scientist, Giselle Cory, to investigate some of the questions their stories raised. Giselle’s report, Better Evidence for Better Care, finds that there’s not enough evidence currently available for commissioners and providers to effectively roll out new technology interventions into social care services.

Alongside these reports, we developed two short films. We encourage you to share these, and the reports, to help us urge decision makers at every level to recognise that for better care in the age of automation we need better data, better skills and a better culture

2025: a Future of Care, developed by award-winning design studio, Superflux, sets out a vision for the future of care.

Better Care Systems, produced by Dragonlight Films, summaries the evidence and arguments in the Better Care in the Age of Automation report.

This research is possible with thanks to support from the Tides Foundation and Omidyar Network.