Responsible Digital Leadership

Empowering leaders of organisations to have the knowledge to make responsible decisions around technology.

Responsible Technology Leadership for Charities and Social Enterprises

Throughout March 2019, we hosted a series of five one-day seminars for leaders of charities and social enterprises, with thanks to support from DCMS. The seminars were aimed at organisations already delivering, or about to deliver, a digital product or service, to help consider how to make responsible technology part of the operations of a growing and thriving organisation.

A workshop that gives you headspace to explore your own organisational issues and prompts questions that you’re still asking yourself days later. Great stimulus. Guy Pattison, CEO Stronger Stories

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Why Responsible Digital Leadership? 

Being a leader in the digital age means understanding technology as much as you understand money, HR, or the law. But most leaders today say they don’t have the knowledge they need to make confident, informed and effective decisions for their organisation and their users.

Our mission is to make the UK’s leaders – people in board or executive level positions in any organisation, in any sector – digitally literate.

  • We’re creating a definition of leadership in the digital age that’s accepted across the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors
  • We’re producing free, open, actionable content based on the essentials of digital leadership
  • We’re partnering with organisations to pilot bespoke digital leadership programmes, and publishing the results for others who want to follow a similar programme
  • We’re creating a model for reverse mentoring within organisations, as well as a way for “traditional” tech organisations to pair up with learners
  • We’re establishing an active, productive community of people who are working on digital leadership – either by increasing their own competence and confidence or helping others to do so

On the team:

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