Realising better work in the gig economy

Gig work is a small but growing part of the UK’s economy.

But whilst it provides many benefits to workers, it currently lacks the social safety nets of traditional employment – it can be financially insecure and gig workers tend to have fewer opportunities for training and development. 

At Doteveryone, we want to see:

  • widespread recognition across workers, government, civil society and business that platform economy workers need a supportive social infrastructure to achieve quality, flexible work
  • a coalition of organisations to build supportive social infrastructure for platform economy workers
  • quality work is more achievable for more people in the context of increased instability and automation
  • Government proactively develops policy to improve the safety nets for gig economy workers.

Enabling gig workers to live with financial security, dignity and dreams

Doteveryone has undertaken in-depth, qualitative research with gig workers to better understand their needs and introduce prototyped solutions, co-designed to provide new safety nets to help overcome the barriers they face.

The outcomes are published in Better Work in the Gig Economy.

We listened to those who are in the trap. They told us how gig work strips them of financial security, dignity and any dreams for the future.

The gig economy does not have to be this way. Doteveryone fights for better tech for everyone. We’re working to change how tech is made and used so it supports a fair, inclusive and sustainable democratic society.